Blog Comment: Facing Down Bullies

Structural changes can address those vulnerable places — the out-of-sight corner of the playground, the entrance hallway at dismissal time.

Then, Dr. Sege said, “activating the bystanders” means changing the culture of the school; through class discussions, parent meetings and consistent responses to every incident, the school must put out the message that bullying will not be tolerated.

via 18 and Under – At Last, Facing Down Bullies (and Their Enablers) –

Nice article today at the Gray Lady about the importance of facing down bullies and changing the culture of a school.  The most important part of this process for teachers is to be aware of the hallway outside your classroom, and the space inside your classroom during passing time.  Also, I think it helps a lot if teachers eat lunch with the students in the lunch room or cafeteria.  Meals are a terrific time for bullying if you’re a kid who likes bullying; there’s fewer adults and fewer eyes paying attention.

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