Yesterday: Graduation


Well, as you can see from the attached image, yesterday was Graduation day here in northeast Connecticut.  We set up three tents on the athletic fields and put on quite the show.  Fifty or so awards for members of the graduating class, a few plaques for prominent faculty, notice given of a few retirements or departures among the staff, a bagpiper, and then a lovely lunch of grilled chicken, pasta salad and various comestibles and (non-alcoholic) imbibables.

Every year, the same thought occurs to me, though: “I have made myself superfluous to yet another forty people in the world.” Most of them will never think about me again, though a few might return at some point to say “hi” or “thank you”.  The vast majority go on to the rest of their lives and never again think of the ninth grade teacher who taught them about Julius Caesar, bibliographies, and footnoting.

Oh, well.  Time to start planning next year. 🙂

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