Copyright Best Practices?

I’m thinking that I’d like to include digital storytelling and movie-making into my history curriculum for next year.  My academic dean is really on a push to have all of us teachers concentrate on skill-building in our classes, and to be able to form lists of things our kids can do, as opposed to concentrating on things they can’t do.  It’s a real shift in model, and I applaud him for taking the step.

Of course, one does have to find best practices and standards for developing such a skills-based curriculum in technological areas, and I found this video helpful when thinking about copyright. (Video borrowed from Wes Fryer’s Speed of Creativity blog).

Copyright best practices video here, at the Center for Social Media.

Of course, it does mean finding and understanding the standards and best practices. This video helped me do that, a little.  I also am really glad I found this timeliner program that I used to make my first YouTube video.

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