Dwarven Kingdom

Dwarven Kingdom
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So, as a gamer, I’m always interested in building new locations or settings for games. Moria, the dwarven kingdom in LORD OF THE RINGS, kind of sets the standard for dwarven ways. Yet given their interactions with the surface, compared with other earth-resident races, it always seemed to me that the dwarven kingdom belonged in a cleft in the rock.

Here, I’ve used Picknik’s tools to label the map with some of the regions or territories within the Dwarven kingdom of Westcleft, a surface-dwelling dwarven princedom on the western slopes of the Fogtooth Mountains.

The original picture is of a cleft in a sand-covered snowbank in the school parking lot. I wish there’d been some greenery, but no such luck.

The photo on Flickr has roll-over notes with additional ideas for what happens in each place or region. I don’t have a good sense of scale yet, but I’m figuring it’s a day’s march between Three Road City and Black Rock Tower. So it’s really more of a city-state than a principality or kingdom.

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