Clearing the desk 0

Clearing the desk 0
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This is the first of seven or eight photos chronicling the clearing and cleaning of my office space. I did a pretty good job of sorting and cataloguing. There was also not as much trash here as elsewhere. I also held off on sorting through all the papers, though I did at least separate financial from academic materials. Still, I filled a trashbag with junk.

The photo here links to a Flickr photo series showing the gradual cleanup of the desk, if you’re interested in seeing the progression, along with all the interesting things I found along the way. Plus lots of library passes. Lots and lots of library passes.

My mom says that any motion toward cleanliness and orderliness is a movement toward calmness and sanity. You can judge for yourself whether or not I’m any saner today, as a result of having a clean desk, than I was yesterday.

The other nice effect of posting this stuff is that many of you, my readers, commented here or on Flickr about how cool it was that I’d decided to blog about this, or explain the process a little, or show my cleanup progress, and that made me want to do it again. So help me out… go view the photos, comment here or elsewhere, and tell me how good it looks, so I can get the rest of my apartment clean. 🙂

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  1. I agree. When the house is clean, I’m smarter, more productive, more involved with the kids on my dormitory, more available to help folks, and happier.

    And yes… call it feng shui or chi or the Spirit or whatever… there’s definitely an internal motion of energy that corresponds with the external disposal of junk and the re-ordering of space-time in your life.

  2. For me, moving into cleaning mode is like a mental switch being thrown towards sanity. Yes, it’s about control, but it also is about channeling internal energy in a very positive way and feeling good about it.

  3. I think your mom is right! One thing my mom was checking out a couple of weeks ago when I was in crisis was the state of my apartment. She was surprised and glad to see it spotless and organized. Keeping a clean living space has been a crucial part of recovering from divorce and pain syndrome for me – it’s more than a matter of pride – it’s about making space for my new life to manifest.

  4. The art closet is the most serious mess of all in this house. I don’t get in there nearly enough, and it tends to accumulate disasters as things fall over or get pushed off the backs of shelves from time to time. Also, there’s a tall filing cabinet in there which was supposed to be used for financial, tax, and academic records, and just winds up being a space-waster. It’s too inconvenient and not well-placed, and it’s flimsy besides.

  5. Oh, I did. Since then I opened the closet several times to admire it. Ditto for optimizing the utensil drawer, and the position of the clothes basket. It’s nice that you understand.

    What’s next? You mentioned there were three spots in all.

  6. Sorry you’re feeling like you’re in the grip of the grippe. Get better.

    you may find that clearing your desk is a great way to shift energy around being sick. I’m hardly ever sick after I clean something that’s been bothering me for a while. It shifts energy around and opens pathways that unstick stuff inside of you…

  7. No… I have enough library passes to last me until my death or the Resurrection of the Dead.

    Have fun deciding where that shoe rack goes. It’ll bring you peace of mind.

  8. It looks fabulous.

    I need to sort all the papers in my filing cabinet (plus the two large To Be Filed piles that don’t fit in the cabinet). Seeing how much better the After picture looked will egg me on to finish the job.

    I noticed in the dining room table set that you put the library passes there so you could be sure to find them. After the desk set, it doesn’t sound like that’s a problem.

    …any motion toward cleanliness and orderliness is a movement toward calmness and sanity.

    I like that. It lends some dignity to a task like finding a better location for my shoe rack.

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