Islamic tile pattern

Islamic tile pattern
Originally uploaded by anselm23.

Here’s another of my Islamic-style tile patterns that I’ve been experimenting with lately. It’s pretty, but essentially unfinished because I want to go on to other art projects.

I went to Drum & Dance in South Amherst last night, and I had an OK time, though I had a better time at the afterchill. Something prevented me from quite getting into the headspace at D&D enough to have a good time. I’ll have to work on that, and practice my solo dancing.

For my solstice present, I color-copied my mandala of fire-chants, and handed out copies of that and one of my winter solstice poems. I had 25 copies, and I was afraid it wasn’t going to be enough. Instead, I had several left over. I’ll have to find an appropriate place and appropriate people to give them away to.

Today I’m hanging out at Victoria Station Café for a while, doing some writing, researching and web-browsing. Scott from WildFire said that I find the coolest stuff online, and that he has to use my webbrowsing tools… I told him that I only use Google, but that I deliberately stimulate my curiosity by running semi-random searches in order to find new stuff.

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