Thank you, Connecticut.

Summary: The Connecticut Supreme Court issued its final judgment today that same-sex marriage, as opposed to civil unions, are the law of this state. As of about 9:30am, all town clerks were notified that they could issue marriage licenses to any couple — same-sexed and differently-sexed — that wanted them. The state also rejected a ballot question to call a constitutional convention this past Election Day, thus limiting anyone’s ability to modify the state constitution for the next twenty years.

I rarely think much about my state. Today I am exceptionally proud of them. Thank you, Connecticut — now you’re more liberal than California.

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  1. Wonderful news! Like interracial marriage, same sex marriage needs to be decided by the courts, not by the public. In 1967, most people in the US were against interracial marriage, but once it became the law of the land, most people learned to accept it. The very idea of basing minority rights on popular votes is horrifying.

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