Mandala in color

Mandala in color
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I found my notebook again, after several days of being unable to find it, and did this lovely (well, I think it’s lovely) mandala. It feels like it’s missing something, but I can’t think what it is, and honestly I’m very tired. Anyway, I did it today, during one of my morning activity periods when I had to be someplace specific and couldn’t leave, but also needed to have work I could put down in an instant and come back to.

Drawings are not that. You get up, and you lose your perspective or the light changes or the angle you’re viewing the scene at gets lost, or any one of the ten-thousand things. This, though — and mandalas in general — you can leave and come back to them, again and again until they’re done.

This one feels done.

So do I. Very tired. I’m not, to my great delight, stiff and sore, which I might have been after today’s hike… but I am pretty wiped out. I’ve basically been going fast since 6:00 am today, and that’s not really with many breaks at all. or none, even.

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  1. nice

    Andrew, you do such nice work. This is wonderful and i think it looks great as is. The knot-work I have seen you do is amazing also. Thanks for posting.

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