Beautiful Sketch

My contact on Flickr, gabi campanario, does these elaborately beautiful drawings of buildings and streetscapes and people-on-the-bus that I really admire. I especially like how he combines the visual picture or sketch with small notes to himself and his viewers that show relationships and awarenesses that can’t be quite communicated through the visual process. This piece really speaks to me though. I like how the houses are arranged to sit on a slanted street, but are really sort of slanted, themselves. It’s pretty nifty.

I wish I could draw like this. Today I’m going to my 3rd space to see if I can practice some of my newly-awakened drawing skills.

Flood Stage: Scene Report

Only A and Py showed up for Monday night’s Flood Stage. We read from a bunch of chapbooks: Tony Brown, Lea Deschenes, Christos Pirello, Bill MacMillan, Christina Dalbeck, George McKibbens, Jane Cassady, Eric Darby, Roger Bonair-Agard, Gary Hoare, Sarah Sapienza, and Jay Walker. It was a pretty good turnout in absentia for what must be admitted is not a very successful poetry reading.

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