Lodgework: Checking in…

I’ve not written about lodgework for a week or so now, and the steady flood of comments that appeared on earlier entries has sort of slowed to a trickle.

So I’m posting this to ask, who’s still interested? Who is still into the idea, and who would like to commit to making it work?

As I said earlier, I think that we need a minimum of 7 or 9, and a maximum of 15 or so for the original working group. For our first few meetings, all we need is an opening and closing ritual, so that we begin the process of learning to work with gesture, with toning, with scripts, visualization, etc. But ultimately, we’re going to need to design initiations (three in my original plan, five in ‘s vision… whatever we do, we do need an overarching theme or mythic story to hang the whole framework on…

Who is still interested and willing to be involved? Who’s discussed it with others outside of LiveJournal, and has discovered wider levels of interest?

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