Learning & Brain: Visual Thinking

Dave Gray: Visual Thinking

quiz: Demonstration that visual thinking leads to discovery

samples of DaVinci, Galileo, Newton, Edison, Ford, Einstein, Picasso, Feynman, Hawking. Their work led to new discoveries. The drawing always came from.

Exercise: Draw the process of making toast

“Belief systems that people use to perceive, contextualize, simplify, and make sense of otherwise complex problems” — Wikipedia, MENTAL MODELS

Nodes and links. Nodes are concepts in drawings. Links are the explicit or implicit connections between the elements/nodes. Most don’t use more than 10-12 nodes, 4-6 is more common.

…. image after image after image….

I don’t even know what to write any more.

Art as essential: average temperature when we started making images was -10°C the heart of the ice age. All writing, reading elements – alphabets or syllabarys – are much much younger.

Pictures. Then Tallies. Then Tokens. Then Envelopes to capture tallies. Tablets. Paper. Printing Press. Cartesian Coordinates. William Playfair. Polar Area Chart. John Venn (diagrams Gantt chart for managing workers. Flow chart by Frank B. Gilbrith, bricklayer. Isotype – inventor of Clip Art (it had an inventor??)

CHildren and cutting-edge scientists are re-wiring their brains in ways we don’t understand. We don’t have schooling models for grading power-point or YouTube videos. Visual Thinking Strategies – 12% grains in reading, 16% gains in math. Doctors who use Visual Thinking Strategies increase accurate diagnoses by 38%. Carl G. Liungman, Symbols: Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms

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