Foil Rules Changes

I note with some dismay that the FIE has instituted two rules changes, one taking effect in September 2008, immediately after the end of the Olympics, and the second taking effect in January 2009.

The first rule, taking effect in September (i.e., before the start of the new school year fencing season), is that an attack ends when the foot hits the floor, and not “or immediately thereafter” as the rule has stood for many years. Thus, I now have to teach my foilists to make their attack and land it before they complete their lunge. This should be interesting, but of course it can be implemented immediately in the CHSFA season this year.

The second rule, far more difficult, is that in January the rule change requires that the bib — that is, the padded cloth flap below the mask — is valid target area. This will involve changing a good deal of our school-owned gear, and nearly the entire team will have to change their electric gear to conform with the new rules.

I hope that CHSFA decides that they are going to implement this rule change in our own program at the start of the 2009-10 season, and not at the mid-point of this year’s season.

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  1. Re: Stupid car repairs…

    we’ve likely missed our window of opportunity for this weekend for dinner, unfortunately. Leah and I have a steak marinating for the grill and a lovely salad and some tomatoes and mozzarellA on the side. Leah is away next weekend, but I’m around. Want to do something then?

  2. Re: Stupid car repairs…

    Aw that sucks.
    I wish I had just cleaned out the truck and come pick you up. It must have been horrible hanging around there bored.
    Are you and Leah busy on Sunday? Any interest in coming over for a Lammas dinner?

  3. Well, the bib of the mask is now target area, or will be. So you need a new mask with a different bib that’s got lamé like material in it, and you need a cord that connects that part of the mask to the jacket so it will register on-target.

    I like the change to the attack rule. It means that you have to land your hit before your front foot hits the floor, or make a series of repechages to make your attack effective. That requires my kids to step it up, quite literally, when it comes to making lunges; and it requires some serious amount of footwork practice — which I’m always in favor of doing.

  4. Stupid car repairs…

    I needed new tires, a repair to the rear defroster, and an oil change. It cost me $894.56 and six hours. I didn’t leave the car place until 2:20, and I had to be back at school for a meeting by 2:50. It was ugly.

    Plus, their internet service was down, and I was in a cellphone dead zone. It was a hard day yesterday.

    I called your phone, and got your voice mail to leave a message, but I raced from the time I left Auburn until about 6:30pm yesterday, and never got the chance to call you back.

    Meh. 🙁

  5. “…make their attack and land it before they complete their lunge.”

    What? That’s crazy talk! But I’ve always thought the whole “right-of-way” stuff was way too complex.

    I can see expanding the target area a bit, but why does the gear have to change? I thought there was a contact in the foil tip that buzzed when you hit something. Is there now something in the clothing that indicates a valid hit and now the helmet needs to incorporate it?

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