Poetry: Flood Stage

We had a quiet night last night. A former student of mine showed up and listened for a while, and A. came (though her husband P. didn’t), and brought a friend, M. D and his wife passed through, slapped their foreheads and went duh!, but had made other plans.

We wound up doing a bit of a workshop on poetry instead of a reading. None of us had much new to say, and so we each wrote a poem on blueberries. Mine still needs some work, but they all really liked it. I’ll be trying it on stage again tonight, in order to get a sense of the editing process for it.

Come see me tonight at Reflections Café on Wickenden Street in Providence, at Got Poetry Live!

I have two chapbooks ready to go to the printers so that I’ll have them for tonight, but I’m not really sure where to take them. I could take them down to Staples in Willimantic, and that’s probably the best choice, but I may swing by the local printery and see if they can do a better job. We’ll see.

I did a thorough cleaning with Chris today of the apartment. The only thing I didn’t do was the office. The office dismays me. My filing cabinets are filled, my bookshelves are full, the desk is covered with important papers that I can’t just throw away, and it’s basically unusable as it’s currently arranged. I need either a new filing cabinet, or a new system for filing papers.

I am happy about my new printer. It seems to do a very good job printing, and it did reasonably well at printing out masters for my poetry chapbooks last night and this morning. It’s even hooked into the wireless network, so that I can print from anywhere in the house. (Kind of helps reduce the importance of cleaning the office, though).

I had some of my refrigerator pickles last night. They were good! I need to do a thorough cleaning-out of the fridge, though, and eliminate some of the stupid stuff that accumulates in a guy’s refrigerator. I also swept up all of the silly-saying buttons in the house, and put them all on one old jeans jacket. There aren’t nearly as many of them as I thought, but the jacket will look nice if I ever get to wear it.

Thinking a little about what to wear tonight. When you do a feature, do you ever worry about what to wear? I’m also determined to practice my set for tonight a little more than I did for the Hotel Vernon; I’ve got some ideas about what to read, but not about order or delivery so far.

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