Clio Off

Somewhere between the two dormitories, I lost Clio today. She’s was running around campus this morning for 40 minutes or so, and I had to go work at the scout camp. She came back just as I needed to be heading out the door. Thank you gods.

I’ve misplaced my new Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. Part of me just wants to go out and buy a new one, since I’ve now been looking for it for a week. But I’m resisting doing that. I spent some money on positive things yesterday, and I’m not really looking to replace something I already own — even if it is definitively lost. Anyone seen it?

I’ve been teaching ecology and conservation classes at the Boy Scouts camp this week. Clio’s been coming with me. For the most part it’s been fun, but a little slow. The group of kids I have are great, and I’m having fun, but part of me would prefer being out in my kayak.

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