Flood Stage: Three nights in July!

For some reason, the Week in Poetry at the Poet’s Asylum thinks tomorrow is the 2nd Monday in July.

So, for a special occasion, we’ll hold Flood Stage tomorrow night, on the first Monday in July. Then we’ll hold it again on the second Monday in July and then on the fourth Monday in July. We’ll even have themes for the nights in July, to help encourage people.

So those dates again (and the themes) are:

• July 7 — Water
• July 14 — Liberty, Fraternity, Equality!
• July 28 — Harvest

Have fun, and see you tomorrow night, at

Victoria Station Café
in beautiful downtown Putnam, CT!

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  1. We don’t normally

    We don’t normally have themes… But I figured if HAD some themes, maybe I’d get more people interested. And we’ll hold a special reading tonight, just because you had it up on the calendar, and maybe some people will show, right?

  2. The Asylum calendar thinks that because for some reason I thought Flood Stage was every other week even though the entry clearly states it is the 2nd & 4th. Oops.

    I didn’t realize you had themes. I’ll update the entry.

    Sorry about the confusion.

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