Spinning Off 1

Spinning Off 1
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Spinning Off is one of the first exercises that the budding fire-staff spinner should learn. It involves rotating the staff rapidly between the dominant hand and the non-dominant, so that the dominant hand pulls the staff towards you, and the non-dominant pushes it away. The result is two impressive gouts of fire from either end of the staff. It looks impressive, and it’s a great way to start a routine.

It’s a great way to start a routine because, of course, what’s spinning off (and burning) is excess fuel in the wicks on either end of the staff. If you start twirling the staff without spinning off first, all that fuel is going to be twirling off — on fire — onto you and your clothes. This is generally regarded as a Bad Thing (™), and something to be avoided.

So remember, kids! Spin off first! It attracts a crowd, impresses the ladies, and saves you from unsightly third-degree or first-degree burns all over your face.

The photograph is actually the work of my friend Johnny, who takes awesome photos normally even though these didn’t come out very well. The fire-spinner in the picture is me. Clicking the photo will take you to a gallery of additional shots of me spinning my used ‘new to me’ double staff courtesy of Cory from LA.

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