Burning For the First Time

So I did my first staff burn tonight, in addition to fire-breathing tonight. I did my second staff burn too, but I was pretty pleased with the stuff I got to do for the first time. I used the contact staff techniques and the traditional staff stuff, which I learned at WildFire weekend before last. Wow, it’s been a few crazy weekends in a row. What a wonderful, crazy, delicious ride!

My friend/brother Johnny took some video. What impressed me is that I felt very disjointed and disconnected as I did it — I felt like my performance was very jerky and not very flowing. But when viewed in video, wow! It was fluid and flowing, very organized and almost practiced. I think as I learn some more tricks and understand how to use the staff more effectively, I’ll be able to craft a good routine. So I’m no longer a virgin burner.

I can breathe fire, I can do staff, and I can play a little with a light saber now. So this is the beginning of a great new performance skill. We now return you to my regular juggling practice…

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