Feeling Awful…

Came home from Flood Stage last night feeling like a bus had backed up over me, and then gone forward over me, back and forth, a half-dozen times. Wound up hitting a rabbit in the road by my colleagues’ house as I came home because I was in so much pain. Feeling much better today, but last night I crawled into bed with headache, body aches, joint aches and general muscular weariness. Slept for nine hours through. Woke up this morning, took Clio to pee, fed her and ate an entire half of a cantaloupe myself. My usual walk down and around the maintenance building has left me sweaty and exhausted.

At first I thought maybe I aspirated some fuel on Saturday, while breathing fire. Most of the ache has been centered in my guts, though, and I think maybe I ate something bad, or ate too much of the wrong thing, or … this is the other possibility… just worked myself too hard the last few days.

In any case, despite the sweatiness I am feeling better this morning than I did last night. I am going back to bed though.

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  1. Yeah, that was my thought too.

    I didn’t use it all that much on Saturday; I only breathed 4 or 5 times. I do think I got some sort of exotic bacterial or viral, though. And as mentioned in the other post, I did find a tick that had bitten in, but had not yet dug in. So there’s some sort of infection via that vector possible as well.

  2. Were you breathing with UltraPURE? It acts as a laxative, and people I know who use it to breathe fire tend to get intestinal/stomach discomfort when they use it a bunch. Just a thought

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