no Flood Stage

So for the month of June, no one has showed for Flood Stage. We have had up to 4 attendees on any given day but only one pair have ever been repeats. Maybe I don’t have the personality to run a reading but it’s discouraging.

Any advice on making a reading work in a sleepy New England market town?

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  1. Find places to put up flyers and refresh them periodically.

    When people do show up ask them where they found the reading.

    Give it time. All new readings take a while to get established. And by time I’m thinking 6 months to a year.

  2. 1. Get out more and advertise it by word of mouth.
    2. Post it here before it happens. I always mean to go and I always forget it’s happening.
    3. Use everyone you know and get them to commit to going. Some proportion will show up. Think about SPEAK, for example, which we just kept hustling for.

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