Stock Market

Dad called me today to ask, “How was your day in the market?”

I told him.

He laughed, and said, “You know, I used to be pretty sure I’d never have to ask you that question.” We had a good laugh over that. He was also very pleased with my answer. It’s a very bearish stock market these days, and quite volatile, but I’ve been doing quite well so far.

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  1. I imagine it was pretty good. You should take an INVESTools class, though.

    I’ve not said too much about it yet, I know, because I’m reluctant to come across like a convert to a cult. But one of the points that they make in the course of their 2-day stock fundamentals course is that a small investor armed with some basic knowledge and obeying some conservative trading rules can make substantial amounts of money. I haven’t made substantial amounts of money, yet, but I’ve made 5% on my initial investment since the beginning of April, and I haven’t once been fully invested yet. Once I’m fully up to speed, I can see that it will be substantially better even that that.

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