Rainy Day

I had just a few projects for today, but most of them are not going so well. Some have gone extremely well, of course. I wanted to solve some financial issues before school resumed next Monday, and I managed to get those ironed out. I wanted to have coffee and breakfast with a colleague, and we got that problem solved nicely. I had a conference call with Dad about some issues with the book I’m producing using Apple’s iPhoto software, and got those resolved.

Not resolved though, includes folding and putting away laundry, working on some White Wolf writing, beginning to organize some clothing for Washington DC next week, getting the dog seriously walked (rain sucks, sometimes), and getting some poetry on paper or off-page. Bobby gave me a feature at the Ship Room at the Hotel Vernon on July 3, and I have to see if I can get a set together before then of poetry that people haven’t heard a bazillion times already.

The big thing hanging over me is that the outdoor education program and the fencing program have used a storeroom in the main house for the last couple of years. It’s been a convenient place to put stuff. I managed to beg, borrow and plead for enough attention for the fencing program that they built a closet to house the fencing equipment in a lockable storage space under the main house. Of course, today I got an e-mail from a senior administrative assistant that the old space for outdoor ed. and fencing had now been co-opted for another project. So — because and I have plans for tomorrow, friday, Saturday and Sunday, and because Monday I’m going to be getting ready for DC — I have to pack up what remains of the outdoor education program and shift it into the fencing space, which is the only space available. But the fencing closet is too small and now not single-purposed… which was the whole point of building a fencing closet, really, to keep unauthorized persons from playing with potentially dangerous foils without safety equipment or adult supervision.

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