Poetry reading in Putnam, CT

So, I’ve talked the owner of the coffee house in Putnam, CT, into letting me host a reading on Monday nights. We’re going to try to have two dates in April: April 14, and April 28 — the second and fourth Mondays.

Are there people interested, available, and willing to come out? Or is this likely to be an exclusively local thing?

And…. a poem.

The other night,
following you home,
I pulled up close behind your car
at a stoplight.

the red light shone through your windshields
through your hair, and the rear window.

your hair turned crimson
in the light, in the night
while all the rest of you remained sillouhetted.

I recalled as light changed, beckoned us
forward together
of your smile and hair,
when you first followed me home.

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