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“By now most of you have seen the news about Gary Gygax.
I suggest that as a way of honoring Gary Gaygax we have a “GaryCon” across the globe this Friday and Saturday night.
By “We” – I mean every gamer possible who plays RPGs. Everywhere.
All of us play either Dungeons & Dragons this Friday and Saturday night
We play the RPG rules system of our choice – but we do a typical D&D-type dungeon crawl. …either Friday or Saturday night.
Everywhere….every city or town possible.
– Ed Charlton”

I will happily GM on Friday night. My lady has a Red Tent, so she’s booked, and because of some other stuff I’m doing on Saturday, I can’t do Drum & Dance in Amherst. So I’d like to offer a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl for the first 5-7 players to respond for tomorrow night. Game will be here, on account of dog, unless someone wants to open their home to gamemaster and dog.

Please respond here, or to e-mail.

Update: It’s saying something about my life these days that essentially no one wanted to do this, and that’s pretty sad.

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