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1- I am very good at writing the beginnings of novels; I’ve got five unfinished novels in my hard drive. The problem is that I can’t close them, because I get distracted by other projects, or busy at work, and then they seem so unreal when I come back to them that I can’t finish them. One of my novels is entirely in unrhymed lines of 18 syllables each. It even came to a stopping point.
2- I have about 253,000 published words in print through White Wolf game books, even so.
3- I need somewhere between two and four hours a day of relative quiet in order to feel comfortable, sane and safe. The less time like that I have, the more stressed out I become. I’m trying to determine if walking a dog adds to that quiet time or detracts from it; at times it seems like both.
4- Seven months after my NOLS trip (source of my user pic of me) in Wyoming, and I feel utterly and profoundly changed, but it ways that I can’t yet define adequately.
5- I regularly lose 25-30 pounds every summer, and gain them back every winter. The walking in the woods and eating my own food that fills me up and satisfies me works very well when the weather is warm; but I am unable to get adequate exercise in the winter. It drives me crazy.
6- After ten years in the same ‘job’, in which my title hasn’t changed but my duties have changed pretty much every year, I’m discovering that I’m really ready for a significant alteration of scene and structure. At the same time, I don’t seem to be able to think about that restructuring in a significant way.
7- The later in a term or semester it is, the more disorganized I am, the messier my apartment is, the closer to insanity I veer, and the more creative I seem to get.

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