Voting for Barack Obama

Tomorrow, on Super Tuesday, I am voting for Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary here in Connecticut. says that we’re pretty similar in most areas; I have an 82% concurrence with him.

That’s not why I’m voting for him.

He’s opposed the war in Iraq for a good long while, and he’s stuck by that conviction.

That’s not why I’m voting for him.

I am voting for Barack Obama for the preservation of the republic. We have had twenty years with the presidency in the hands of two families — four years of Bush 41, eight years of Clinton 42, eight years of Bush 43. In thanks for this legacy we have a house divided: economically, socially, militarily, politically, legally. The former President Clinton is an impeached president (no matter that it was a Republican hatchet job, no matter that Bush and Cheney deserved not simply impeachment but conviction). It sets bad precedent for our Constitution and our republic to allow this family to occupy the White House a second time. They need to be thanked for their service to the nation, and sent packing.

So yes, I’ll vote for Barack Obama. Not just because he represents hope — although he does. Not just because he represents change — although he does. Not just because he plans to find a new way of doing things in Washington — although he does.

I am voting for Barack Obama because I believe that the Republic is under assault, and I believe the Constitution is at grave risk, and I believe the survival of our nation is at stake — not from outside enemies who wish us ill, although they do — but from our own ambitious former leaders who cannot bear to see others hold the reins of power.

But we are a nation of many strengths, and many are called to positions of authority and leadership. I believe the time is right for Barack Obama.

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