Moleskine Page

Moleskine Page
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My photo-friend Gill from Flickr has asked if she can use some of my Moleskine imagery on her new business site, which in theory will go live in a few days. It’s a UK store called JournalCraft, and they’ll sell sketchbooks and journals and supplies to make sketchbooks and journals work for you. It’s not yet clear to me whether Americans can order from them; given the state of the £ versus the $ versus the €, it may not be cost-effective to buy from them anyway, but I’m hopeful. I’m also reasonably pleased with the deal that we worked out for the use of the images. Among other things, it means I’m a professional photographer, in the sense that I now get credit and pay for my photos; even if that pay is not great, it is still payment received for artistic efforts. Awesome stuff, that.

In any case, look for JournalCraft to go live in the next two weeks or so. I’m hoping that the site looks good, and my photos fit into their schema.

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