Mailbox, Chapel & Dog Walking in Winter

I’m just beginning to discover that my winter schedule is going to make it very hard to walk the dog. Basically, except for my free period, I’m not free between 6:45 am and 4:30 pm on the days I’m on duty. It’s just a constant stream of classes and other activities. I may have to find some alternate plans along the way.

Clio’s pee problem is changed, but not much better. I’m still trying to figure out what it looks like. Sometimes she’s fine, or apparently so. Other times she sits down, and a puddle of pee spreads from her bottom like so much stain in litmus paper. On pavement, the wet stain turns the gray pavement black. It’s weird. I also can’t tell if the Pro-in is doing any good at all.

School is kicking me old-school. It’s been exhausting to finalize the fencing team roster, between JV and Varsity, and it’s tired me to work with so many kids. Tomorrow we start running both teams, JV and Varsity, and it should be fun. Up til now we’ve been in tryouts mode, seeing whether this is going to work. I had to turn away a lot of kids, but I’m pretty happy with the two teams we’ve designed. JV is going to be a lot more work in terms of communication, leadership and communication, but the results will be a powerful team for the next several years. I hope. Varsity can be a strong team, but it’s going to take some of the same kind of work, plus a lot of footwork.

My dad’s best friend from high school just died. The funeral is Saturday. Dad is in a weird place about it. We’ve talked a lot in the last few days, and he’s been more open about his childhood and growing years than ever before. It’s been interesting, useful, and kinda freaky.

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