Sonnet for October New Moon

much delayed, but now thanks to istemi, available…

Sonnet for the October New Moon

Hail, bright crescent, as crickets slowly sigh
As yellow crowds out green from twig and leaf
Yellow jacket’s bite, as painful as brief,
Stings cadence to geese’s honking good-bye
Who flee on swift wings from islands turned dry
Peninsulas, where fox and raccoon-thief
Bring eider and mallard to sudden grief.
Flickers of black sparrows spatter the sky.
Deer linger and graze at the forest verge;
Turkeys gobble in marsh as dusk deepens;
Carmined cloud reflects crimsoned ridge of trees
Oak galls may become next year’s hornet scourge.
First walnuts thud down, then green skin blackens;
Even squirrel feels the twilight’s dis-ease.

November new Moon Sonnet should be available tomorrow or by Monday at latest

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