Sonnet for October Full Moon

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The Sonnet for the Full Moon of October

Hail, lady Moon, as a chill sharpens breeze
And leaf-fall hastens from chestnut and elm.
Gull and crow alone still remain at ease
Both wren and mosquito have fled this realm,
Retreating south, or into patient egg.
Aster forgets her age-old covenant,
Spreads one last violet bloom ere frozen fog
Wraps her in shackles hard as adamant,
A victim of winter’s murderous kiss.
Yet hillsides barter emeralds for rubies
And trade their celadon for topaz bliss.
Rockstar goose leads V of honking groupies
Water snake spends final day under sun,
Engorged with last meal his venom had won.

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One comment

  1. I especially like this one.
    ‘Retreating into patient egg’ caught me as a realy cool visual.
    Overall I like the sharp contrasts and juxtapositions between pleasant and unpleasant (for example the violet bloom to shackles and “murderous kiss”)
    And, I really love the line about the hillsides. the use of the gem references resonated with me but then took me yet another level when my brain caught up with the fact that hard geologic stuff was describing soft(er) biologic stuff. Brilliant! (on all levels! 😉 )
    Well done, and, thanks for continuing to share these.

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