Pages from Faculty Orientation

Pages from Faculty Orientation
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My school is in the middle of faculty orientation at the moment. It’s both fun and difficult at the same time. We sit through a lot of lengthy meetings for “kernels of truth” — deep elements which will sit with us and work on us for days and days. I found these two meetings on our school’s accreditation process, and on classroom management to be quite good, but that meant I didn’t have as much time for drawing as I’d intended.

On the other hand, the beasties on these two pages came out quite nicely. I was pleased.

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  1. I’d be honored…

    I’d be honored to help you design a tattoo, but I have no skill with drawing dragons, and most of my knotwork tends to be quite formulaic. Can you be more specific? And of course we can talk some time… just not in the next two weeks, while school gets started.

  2. Beautiful Celtic Knot work.
    May I ask you to help me design a tattoo?
    Arm band, with knot work and dragon(s)?
    I’m no where near ready for it, but these are the design elements going thru my head.
    If you are interested, maybe we can talk some time?

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