Clio, wet and upset

Clio, wet and upset
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Clio is not having much luck when it comes to water. Today we went to play in the stream, and she was having an… OK time… until her leash got stuck between two rocks, and she thought she was trapped. She began whimpering and barking. I think she’s going to be aquaphobic by the time this is all done. Alas. Maybe kayaking tomorrow will help, though who knows?

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  1. I’ll pass on…

    I’ll pass on your good will and kisses to and to Clio.

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  2. Awww, poor Clio.

    It sucks to get stuck in someplace scary that you can’t get yourself out of.

    Kisses for little Ms.doggy-pants, and for you and Leah too!


  3. Good… we’re probably going to puppy training school sometime this fall, but I don’t know how or when, since I’m scheduled to do something else the next time it’s offered.

    Other than that, her training proceeds apace. We’re weaning her away from treating shoes as chewtoys, and she’s getting that message. Using my feet, on the other hand… well that needs some work.

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