Clio looking Dubious

Clio looking Dubious
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Clio learned how to go up stairs very quickly. But today we did intensive practice on going down stairs, which has been significantly harder. Then she had to spend a lot of time in her crate today while daddy did teaching for the NENTS program next door. She was very good, but unhappy about being cooped up so long. Now she’s sacked out on the floor.

A colleague of mine identified me as a wizard today. I told her I refused to comment on what she just said, but then admitted I had to go to the car and let my familiar go pee. , what about asking that guy you wanted me to meet to join us on Monday?

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  1. Down is always harder than up.

    Burke never learned a proper flight of stairs until he was over a year old (what can I say, houses are one story and spread out in Oklahoma). He was *soooo* hesitant at first, poor guy. But he got the hang of it just fine. 🙂

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