Clio on the road

Lots of lessons learned today, and little time to set them down adequately.

Lesson #1: As it gets colder, driving lovelips to her central MA meetings without having a place or a plan in mind will be less successful if Clio has to come along.

Lesson #2: Bring 4 liters of water; Clio will drink half a liter and spill one and a half liters. You must have water for yourself.

Lesson #3: Outdoor activities work better for an active, curious puppy than sitting in the car.

Lesson #4: Hot cars in hot parking lots are not good places for puppies, even for short periods of time.

Lesson #5: Lots of small, short activities for the puppy is better than several long activities for the puppy.

Lesson #6: Bring lunch along. You may not have a chance to go into a store on this trip.

Lesson #7: You might need a cellphone soon. You can’t very well leave the puppy in an emergency. (This may be mere justification)

Lesson #8: A puppy who sleeps in the car for two hours up and two hours back is never as exhausted as you think she is.

Lesson #9: Being dominant doesn’t just mean you give the orders. It means that you’re the one who has to think things through, because all the puppy is doing is following orders.

Lesson #10: Safety, with a puppy, goes beyond food and shelter as with a cat. It includes the threat/opportunity of small children, cars, trucks, passing trains, other dogs, mysterious things barked at in the woods, hot pavement, overbearing sunshine, cold mountain streams, and unusual and probably life-threatening bits of plastic picked up in the teeth on the sidewalk.

Lesson #11: Think things through, but learn greater flexibility.

That’s about it for now. I’ll review this list a little later tomorrow.

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