WInd River Peak

WInd River Peak
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I took this during the July 15 ascent of our NOLS course to the summit of Wind River Peak, a 13,192′ mountain. These were views away to the southwest, and we’re looking over the western edge of the Wind River Range into Idaho. The combination of the person at lower right, the snowfields, the bare granite, the boulders, and the distant plains just conveys this vast sense of scale that I never had with mountains before.

The White Mountains in New Hampshire are going to start seeming puny now.

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  1. […] Wind River Peak — I have stood on top of a mountain that topped 13,000 feet high.  I did it through persistence, dedication, and attention to detail, as well as careful and diligent guidance from my instructors.  It gave me a sense that I could do anything.  Many things are possible to the mountain climbers — enroll in a NOLS course today. […]

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