Testing, Testing

Journler, the program which I use to write and track my journal entries, is becoming increasingly funky. I like being able to write them offline, and then upload them. However, I notice that when I use Journler to write the entries, I get increasingly bizarre HTML inserted into my entries — which I must then go into LiveJournal’s editing system to remove. It’s getting to be more trouble than it’s worth.

So, I just went into the settings of Journler, and tried to turn off all this extra HTML. I think I succeeded, but I’m not really sure. In any case, this is a test of the preferences, to see if I succeeded. Hope everyone has a great day, and let Lovelips or me know if you can come to the party on Saturday (my last entry was friends-only with details).

*Update*: It seems to be working. Journler only inserted a set of paragraph marks, instead of four lines of special HTML text for the paragraph break….

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