Art Auction

I went to the art auction at the Java Hut last night, after hanging out briefly with for a quick bite to eat.  I handed out a lot of things from my altars that had served their purpose and needed to move on.  The Tolkienesque term for these is mathom. You are invited to look it up at your convenience.

I wound up bidding on three items at the auction — a HUGE painting by , which I won, but need to shift art already in situ in order to hang; a collage by on themes of luck, chance, and the beneficial prayers of Eastern spiritual entities; and a painting by .  I wound up winning all three items. 

All of the items that I entered in the auction sold, as well, usually for their maximum “outright purchase” price: a wire sculpture of the word “poetry”; a ceramic bowl I made last summer; and a map I made for the epic and then wound up not using. did a great job running the auction and keeping it moving; next year this art auction is going to be incredible.   I also contributed a mask, which I think will sell at the next auction.  It was a good open mic and a good feature (”Look! Up in the Sky!” had its Worcester debut.

I got invited out to the Hotel Vernon afterwards, and part of me wanted to go, but I knew that today I had a number of things I wanted to do or finish up, and decided against being up until all hours.  Maybe next time,

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  1. awesome. You have NO idea how happy it makes me to hear that the bowl is going to become part of sacred space in some fashion.

    OK, maybe you do. It’s said that J.S. Bach put the letters A.M.D.G. on all of his music, ad magnam dei gloriam: To the greater glory of God. I don’t know that I’d go that far, but I sometimes feel that all art is in service to Spirit — so to hear that people are using my art for sacred purposes is really, really cool.

  2. your bowl is at my house right now. My mother loved it and plans on putting it in a holy space for the womens group shes a part of.
    And thanks for the pretty wtone by the way 🙂

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