Night on Town/Morning After

Yesterday I went to the GotPoetry Live reading at Reflections Café.  I had a good time, but afterwards I gave in and went out with a bunch of poets for a drink and a burger.  It was awesome, we had a good time — or at least I had a good time, and now I feel like I know a few poets a little better than I did.The drive home afterward was murder – not because I was drunk because I wasn’t, and not because it was unfamiliar because it wasn’t that either.  It was just almost 2 o’clock in the morning when I got home.  I’ve not been out that late in a long time.  I’ve been up that late recently, but being in the comfort of your own home as opposed to shuttling around the countryside are two different things.

This morning I went in for my physical.  My  pulse is 64, down two from this time last year.  My blood pressure is 122/70, which I’m told is excellent.  I have no major or minor ailments currently, aside from a weight which is between 40 and 50 pounds over what my doctor thinks is a reasonable weight, and 110 pounds over what the BMI believes is a suitable weight.  Yes, that’s right folks!  The BMI thinks I should weigh 170 or less for my height.  My weight, for the nosy, is 282 — down from 297 earlier this year, and (I hope) soon to be significantly less.

Oh, and I’ve lost an inch.  I think they measured me in shoes last year or something, but this year I’m 73” high, instead of 74 1/2”.  This was a little surprising.  On the other hand I’m not tremendously worried, and my doctor doesn’t think I should be.  I may have slouched a little on the scale, as well.

Right now I’m waiting for mom.  In theory, she’s arriving sometime in the next half-hour, and she’s going to help with a variety of organizational things around my house, including helping me do something sensible about my library.  Currently I have too many books and not enough shelves, and it’s time to do some significant thinning.  Here’s hoping she can help me make sense of that part of the house.

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  1. The comment comes across fine. They seem to have the line breaks in the right places, and multiple lines per paragraph. Just not the journal entries. Odd.

    I haven’t been updating much since I promised myself I wouldn’t just complain in my LJ. 🙂 And when I do update, it’s always friends-locked – when I was writing at Diaryland forever and ago I ran into trouble with people finding me that I didn’t want finding me, so since then, I’m a big fan on friends only entries.

    I haven’t been to too many readings recently & the summer is super-busy at work, so it’ll probably be the fall before I start making the circuit again. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry that you had such a rough time on the airline travel. Going places is always difficult when the weather and the flight paths intersect in unusual ways.

  3. Your BP and pulse are great. The weight, yeah, weight counts, but your body’s saying things in the circulatory and respiratory departments are doing well. Sounds like you’re leading a healthy lifestyle from everything you’ve said. As far as that “ideal” BMI weight for your height, please note the comic I posted on my last entry. 😀

    Sometimes I think people who decide ideal height/weight ratios are hitting the crack pipe way, way, way too much.


    Wish I could’ve hung out with you last night, but I was fighting airplane luggage fun, impending cancellations in Atlanta and the general ick that comes with airline travel.

  4. I don’t know WHAT you are using to compose your journal entries lately, but I’m seeing each paragraph on a single line, and it’s REALLY coming through wacky on my friends page.

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