Writing to the Senators

Dear Senator Lieberman,

I agree that new energy legislation which subsidies and promotes solar, wind and other sources of renewable energy is important.

But so is removing that walking pustule of an Attorney General from office.

He is a sleazebag in violation of his oath of office to protect the Constitution, and I wish you had voted no-confidence.

Please help the effort to remove him from office from this point on.

Dear Senator Dodd,

I was sorry to see that you did not participate in today’s vote against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Since Senator Lieberman voted ‘no’, and you abstained, people are left with the impression that Connecticut does not care about civil liberties, or that we do not notice that the Attorney General’s behavior is negligent at best and Constitutionally actionable at worst.

Please attempt to be present the next time there is a vote on Alberto Gonzales, and please participate in the continuing efforts to remove him as unfit to hold high office.

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  1. Dear Sir, Ma’am, or Other;

    We apologize for disturbing your busy schedule, but things have come to a point where we just have to stand back and say, “Enough.”

    You’re fired.

    We, the American People, your employers, have had enough. Go home. We’ll get somebody else to run the country.

    Thanks for nothing, twits.

    cc: *@house.gov, *@senate.gov, *@whitehouse.gov

  2. It’s OK.

    I’m thinking about posting my e-mails to my congressman and Senators here on a regular basis. It will remind me that I have in fact done my political duty this week.

  3. It doesn’t.

    It doesn’t matter.

    The president is quite right that Gonzales doesn’t need the confidence of the Senate to be Attorney General. It is just political posturing, in one way.

    In another way, knowing that the Senate hated Gonzales would give the House the guts to try to impeach him. They don’t need as wide a margin in the House to impeach a federal official… but they do have to know that the Senate will follow through.

    Clinton, you may recall, was impeached. But the Senate refused to go through with the trial. Impeachment isn’t enough to remove a federal official, though they usually resign thereafter. You also need them to undergo a Senate trial. This vote was an effort by the Senate to stir their House colleagues to action, and the Senate showed the House, “hey don’t impeach Gonzales, we can’t follow through.”

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