April 29, 2007 Untitled

Successfully promoted Scion: Hero today at Rising Phoenix Games outside Worcester, MA. So much so, in fact, that they sold out of copies.  Admittedly, they only had three copies, but I think I probably sold three or four more on the basis of my conversation with the folks that happened to be standing around.  I hung around until 4:00pm, but I’m now at Java Hut, and plan on being here until such time as someone I know shows up, who wouldn’t mind going out to dinner.  I’m partial to Vietnamese or Japanese food ideas, at the moment, but I could be persuaded into Indian or something else.  Stop by.

Until then, I’m either correcting papers or writing, one or the other.

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  1. Hey, Andrew! Great seeing you last night….been too long. I’ve misplaced your email address. Hit me at dread.pirate.kae at gmail and I’ll give you that info.

  2. up the street.. you passed it going from there to here… java hut is a resteront called bamboo hut… it is good viet namese…. incase no one shows and you are still hungry or they don’t know the local scean.

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