Hot Cross Buns

One a penny, two a penny,

hot cross buns!

So tomorrow is Shakespeare’s Birthday, and in his honor I’m making three trays of hot cross buns. The recipe calls for 12 buns per tray, but I’m actually going to halve the size of the individual buns, so that I get 24 from each tray.  This means that I’ll have about 75 hot cross buns for students and faculty at school tomorrow.  I’ve never baked quite this much before, but the dough smells delicious.  The resulting sweet treats should be great.

I’ve tried out a few new recipes as well.  Last week I made cinnamon rolls, which looked terrible because I didn’t have a rolling pin and had to spread out the dough by hand.  Not so good.  On the other hand, they tasted delicious, and all of the students who got one have been clamoring for more.  So I feel pretty good about that.

I also made Brioche, which is a French-style bread with a fair amount of butter in the dough — rather like the hot cross buns, actually, but the buns have a lot more sugar in them.  Both of the folks who got those loaves liked it a lot, but I didn’t get to try it at all.  

Spent Saturday raking the yard in Ashford and cleaning up the house.  <lj user=Lovelips> thought it was going to take a lot longer than it did, but it was pretty easy — though I left the rake in the side yard after my last trip.  Kinda forgot it was there. Tiana stopped by and had lunch with us.  Then <lj user=Lovelips> and I drove down to New Haven to meet my dad and see this play Lulu by Frank Wedekind.  It was more than a little weird, but parts of it were OK.  We had a dinner which was much better than usual for Scoozzi, which is a restaurant on the same block as the Yale Center for British Art, and the Yale Art Gallery. It’s also right next door to the theater where we saw Lulu, the Yale Repertory Theater.  

Today, <lj user=Lovelips> and I did some more raking.  We went for a kayak on Hall’s Pond, as well, and she made crab cakes for dinner.  I did a little work on a couple of poems, one of which I’ll post tomorrow since it’s getting so late.  I was supposed to get some freelance work done this weekend, but frankly I don’t have a clear sense of what to write yet.  So, that’s put off until Tuesday or later.

Tuesday, I’m the lead guy on a special program for teachers involved in outdoor education in Connecticut.  It should be interesting, but it means that on Monday I have to go into the woods and do a little investigation of what’s going on out there in terms of native plants, and see what I can talk about on Tuesday afternoon.  It should be interesting to hear what all these folks have to say.

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  1. Hot Cross Buns.

    The hot cross buns were OK. They rose for too long, and the icing didn’t turn out well. I should have tried making them once before trying to make seventy-five.

    Next time, I’ll use the recipe as written, and make them in batches of 12, as 12.

  2. I thought I was the only person that celebrated Billy the Bard’s birthday! Maybe I just run in the wrong circles….

    I would love to see the “Hamlet Rap” as well!!

  3. Happy Bard Day to you!

    Did you ever read the “Hamlet Rap” poem I posted on LJ?

    If not, I’d love to send it to you.

    p.s. How the hell are you and when are you and Leah (sp?) going to come visit?

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