So… I’ve not posted in quite a while.  I’m alive.  I took on a new freelancing project, and it’s been taking a lot of my time.  So is school, because I’ve taken on a bunch of projects — some of which are important, and some of which are not.  Naturally, I’ve been ignoring a great many of them.  Tonight, I’m doing some school writing, and prepping for teaching Charlemagne to one class and Gandhi to another. It’s a bit of a disconnect, really.

I had a student come to me this afternoon.  He wanted to play a role-playing game, so, I dug out Mage from White Wolf.  So far, it’s going OK, but I’m amazed at how many of the rules I’d forgotten.  It will come back to me, assuming we get to play very often.  I kind of doubt it.

My colleague at More Uninteresting Drivel has announced that he’s leaving.  The students know now.  It’s time for him to be on his way.  We may be losing a couple more people at school; if you’re interested in working at a boarding school, now-ish is the time to apply. Really the time was several months ago, but something may come along for you now, too.

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  1. Re: So far…

    Lucrative (laughing). Seems like some of the most rewarding careers are not very rewarding financially.

    Some of my most lucrative work was not as satisfying as what I’m doing now, and what I do now isn’t what pays the bills.

    You know how kids keep to themselves sometimes. I think back to my attitudes about “adults” and people “that old” when I was that age, and it makes me laugh. “Old” definitely is a fluid concept, isn’t i?

  2. So far…

    so far, being a boarding school teacher and an RPG gamer/game-writer has not been a lucrative choice of careers, I’m sorry to say. The kids also aren’t much interested, either.

    Yesterday was the first time any of my students actually borrowed a game I own.

  3. I never realized you taught at a boarding school, I just knew you were a teacher at a school.

    Must be cool to have a teacher who knows about RPGs and who can help you out when you want to find a good one to play. (not to mention the part about writing them) 🙂

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