Blast in Athens

Someone pointed a rocket at the American Embassy in Athens, Greece this morning, and fired it.
ATHENS, Friday, Jan. 12 — A powerful explosion, reportedly caused by a rocket, rocked the American Embassy in Athens Friday morning.
Reuters, quoting the police and embassy officials, said that a rocket had been fired at the complex but that no one was hurt. The private-television station MEGA also reported that the cause was a rocket.
“This was a rocket attack launched from a building across the street,” a senior police official told Reuters. “It landed inside a toilet on the third floor of the embassy.”
Greek anti-terrorist officers were on the scene.
I was going to say something about this, but I think it’s a difficult enough situation about which little is known, already. I don’t know anything more than this article says, so far. Keep up with the story, folks.

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  1. Greece is so damned chaotic. I would NOT want to live there, and I might even be afraid to visit. There are way too many angry people in the populace to feel quite comfortable, at least for me. Guess I’m your typical lame American tourist. Meh.

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