Hymn for Poseidon

Hymn for the Poseidonia
December 1

Hail, dark Poseidon, king of shapeless shape,
lord of both kraken and tide-tumbled shore,
both reed-filled salt marshes and sunless deep.
You rule with cold currents and Ocean’s roar,
father of turtle, heron, shark and whale,
farmer of alga, of protists and kelp.
the rogue wave is yourse, and the sharp-toothed surf.
Your fist broke ships, your trident shredded sail.
Men feared you much, so fickle was your help.
You gave men horses, but also shook Earth.

So cuh Odysseus did you offend,
that you sank his ships, sent doom to his crew,
and brought him so near to a drowning end
so often, that your legends became true.
No man entirely trusts deep Ocean:
not tentacle nor tide nor lamprey teeth,
not unknown ship nor enigmatic isle.
Each wave creates unpredicted motion,
turbulent seas caused by what lies beneath–
each sea-mount and reef, each trench and defile.

Posiedon, help us face the threats you pose:
twin dangers of earthquake and hidden reef,
for you prove false that which everyone knows.
You prove that ignorance will bring us grief.
Help us be curious about the sea,
and guide us to plumb our own deep waters,
and learn right relations between the two.
For freedom means responsibility
to work with nature as co-creators
so we can meet its wildness anew.

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