Hymn for Holy Sophia

Hymn for Holy Sophia
December 16

Hail, holy Wisdom, earth and heaven’s queen,
who governs nature and guides human hands.
From your point of view, no path is extreme;
you are rock in a world of shifting sands.
When we know your advice, our path is clear.
Both council circle and broad lap of earth,
both tidal cycle and seasons’ changing
rest upon you: though the loom of the year
warps and wefts good fortune and loss of worth,
you abide yet in stillness unceasing.

Myth calls you veiled bride of the Nameless Name,
door-ward and guide of the Watercourse Way.
Youthful, and age-old, for ever the same —
our paths your passions are; our work, your play.
Calendar and space-time are in your care;
Hours and weeks with you are heaven-spent;
No word from you but what is true and right.
You build foundations for castles in air.
On your good repute is all credit leant;
to find you behind veils is our delight.

Holy Sophia, help us to prepare —
help us to plan to meet you face-to-face.
For though we would wish to meet one so fair,
only by work, preparation and grace
can anyone gain your full loyalty.
Teach us to be worthy of your favor;
grant us a stirrup-cup of your good will.
Who speaks your thought, we do call royalty.
love, wealth and fame are spices to savor;
of your sauce alone would we eat our fill.

I’ve posted five other hymns for the holidays, backdated to December 11 (Feast of Dionysius [Oct3], Castor and Pollux [Oct 25], Meditrinalia [Sept 30], Artemis of Music [Nov 22], and Artemis [Nov 10]). Now they won’t clog the front of your friends page. Enjoy.

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