Hymn for Medetrina

Hymn for the Medetrinalia
September 30

Hail, healing divinity, dressed in white:
Medetrina, queen of hygiene and herbs—
who brings patients to health and delight,
who stitches up wounds, and infection curbs,
and offers swift care with laughter and grace.
The art of healthy living is your garth:
holy comfort is written ’round your eyes,
in laughing wrinkles that enliven your face.
Mystic salves churn, bubbling on your hearth,
for well you understand how plants are wise,

the true lords o’er organic chemistry,
who by conflation of sunlight and soil
distill every perfected remedy
that weeks, months, and years of mortal toil
cannot duplicate. Great Medetrina,
stir up your urge to create and combine,
and bring together brains to cure disease
for from willow-bark to spirulina
every herb heals in the right place and time,
and mortals regain health without surcease.

Medetrina, our doctors inspire
to bring us health through preventative care.
Align our bodies’ needs with desire
to be in good health, to be strong and fair.
Help us fulfill our earnest intentions
to get as much exercise as we should,
and live to the good of our hearts and flesh.
Bring us delights of new-made invention
that extend mortal life and human good,
and give joy between first, and final, creche.

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