Sonnet for the Ides of October

Fire on hillside and gray frost on field—
storm of iron cloud gives way to bright sun.
Red maple stands stripped where mockingbird trilled
in August; for now, his carol is done.
Galls on witch hazel leaves will hold charges:
next generations of beetles and wasps.
Chipmunk answers instinctual urges
as sunset calls up first of winter’s cusps:
hard freeze in concert with bone-biting breeze.
Doe hooves imprint in ice-crackled asters.
Grasshopper chirps no more of summer’s ease.
Mosquito army no longer musters;
spider hides her eggs in woodland clutter,
while days wax crisp, yet wane ever shorter.

I’m pretty busy these days. It’s been a pretty wearying month and a half since school started, and I feel like things are going to be this busy until March. Been sick the last few days with a throat and post-nasal drip problem that kicked up a notch last night around 1 am, which was no fun. On the other hand, there’s some exciting things going on, so it’s not necessarily so bad.

For interested poets that I’ve asked about coming to recite/perform at school: I submitted my request, and a dozen dates for possible performances for five poets, on September first. I’m still waiting for a direct answer.

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