State Politics: The Debate

The Green party yesterday was all upset about their candidates for governor being excluded from the political process, by being excluded from the debate here in Connecticut for the governor’s race. On the one hand, I’m irked that they didn’t get included; on the other hand, it meant that I got to hear DeStefano on Connecticut NPR rake Governor Rell over the coals.

The best part was when someone asked the governor, “As the governor, you are also the de facto head of your party, the Republican party, here in Connecticut. A few weeks ago, you asked Alan Schleisinger to reconsider his decision to run for the U.S. Senate. He considered it, and decided to run anyway. Now, with only a few weeks to go, who do you think will serve Connecticut best in the Senate?”

She gave a non-answwer, and flatly refused to endorse her party’s own candidate. “I think all of the candidates that are running for the United States Senate have special expertise in their own ways and each brings a different perspective to the table,” Rell said. (courtesy of the Hartford Courant). She went on to say that Joe Lieberman represented the voice of experience, and he’s been very good for Connecticut. If you wanted a change, and more fiscal responsibility in Congress, you should vote for Alan Schleisinger. If you think we need new vision and new ambition in the Senate, then vote for Ned Lamont. Or words to that effect. Apparently Rell thinks there are enough Republicans in the Senate, already. I happen to agree with her.

DeStefano was direct and to the point. “I pray that I’ll never be in politics so long as to give an answer like that. I supported Joe Lieberman in the primary, but he lost. I endorse Ned Lamont for the U.S. Senate, Joe Courtney for Congress, and… well… me and my party. Democrats all the way. Across the board.

DeStefano is unlikely to win in Connecticut. But he may have just helped Lamont to a win, and that counts as a victory in my book.

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