December 19: Poetry Gig

December 19, at Reflections Café, I’ll be doing a featured poet gig as part of the regular Got Poetry Live reading series. Please feel free to come out.

As some of you know, Tony challenged me to do the reading as an improv feature. I’ve been doing about half of my stuff there as improvisations, and he suggested/cajoled/nagged/insisted/challenged/dared me (in public, even) to do the feature as an improv. I agreed.

Now I’m issuing a counter challenge.

I dare the Open Mic to be all-Improv (with maybe an exception for first-time readers) on December 19.

What say you? On with the show?

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  1. Excellent idea! But how will we know folks are doing an improv?
    Draw words, themes etc from a hat? Or just wing it?

    Maybe I’ll just watch! LOL

    Sounds like a fun night – You will be fantastic!

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