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So… I’m planning a new chapbook. Originally the release date was going to be the end of September, but now it’s looking like it will be the middle of December.

What would people like to see in it?

I’ve written a lot of poetry in the last few years, but the last book I put out was Argonautica, which was not exactly a best-seller, and I haven’t re-printed it. Before that, it was Percival which wasn’t exactly a great mover, either. Before that, it was Fame’s Younger Sister, back in 2001. I’ve reprinted that one the most, but it’s not really representative of me any more. I’ve gotten deeper and broader in the last five years, and really it’s time to put together a new book.

What do people NOT have copies of, that they would like to see in print?

That’s issue #1.

Issue #2:

The second issue is that and I now have competing schedules. I’m off-duty on Mondays and Thursdays, which is exactly when she tends to have longer days at work. This means that sometimes I’m going to have to give her space, but sometimes I’m going to be hanging out with her.

What poetry readings should I be checking out on Mondays and Thursdays?

Be well!

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  1. For what it’s worth my chapbooks rarely sell more than a handful of copies. They are a way to share your words however they are not the be all and end all of your poetic expression.

    Will your series of poems on the phases of the moon be complete by the time you have to put together the book?

  2. Y’know, this would be a total sell-out thing (and you might be burnt out on the subject), but it might be a heck of a lot of fun to put together a book of Exalted poetry. Y’know, that way when two guys are staring each other down in a game, they can turn to your book to have something cool and pithy to say before they start hacking into one another.


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