[100 Days] Tai Chi Day 1

Day 1 of a new hundred days of tai chi sucked. I was confused and I felt like I’d forgotten most of the steps. I actually did forget some of the steps, about two minutes in. I had to sit down, think a bit, and start again. It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten.

Then I stood up, and did it again. This was better, but I ached and popped as all sorts of little bubbles of hurt jumped out and did the Lambada on me. My neck is the worst. Every time I moved, it felt like several things were going click-click-click in there that shouldn’t.

Lesson learned: Don’t be a desk slug for anybody. Not WWGS, not school, not even for poetry. Move your body every single day, whether you think you need it or not.

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  1. Lesson learned: Don’t be a desk slug for anybody.

    it’s true! it’s true!

    i read an atricle in one of those yoga mags a couple of years ago where they talked about having a “fascia straightjacket” – that the fascia becomes more rigid with the movements that we are accustomed to doing on a daily basis. the author talked about how we have our specific aches & twinges from staying still too much &/or staying in a rut as to movement – & here’s the kicker: & that it affects us emotionally, keeps us blocked. so the key is movement = flexibility, both physically & emotionally.

    & now… yup, i’ll be getting back on the mat.

  2. Re: Yes, I did.

    wow that’s great! what a feat! i lost my rhythm the day i learned about my dad’s cancer. i bet it’s easier if you do it in the morning that way nothing can derail you from meeting your goal during the day. i hope you keep posting about it – it will keep me motivated!

  3. Yes, I did.

    I did a hundred days of tai chi last winter and spring. Today I started my second hundred day program.

    Tomorrow I may start a hundred days of running.

  4. yay for you for starting again! i started up my 100 days fitness challenge again on september 1st. have you completed 100 days of tai chi? i only made 52 days of fitness last time.

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